Movies of 2015 so far

I’ve seen plenty of good movies: Mommy, Timbuktu (the most harrowing), It Follows, Wild Tales, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, but I think I enjoyed Mad Max the most.

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London marathon

It’s been so long…

My year running has been ok, small improvements in 10k and 21k, but I managed to do a good marathon compared to the last two years. 3:17 and 3:23 the last two years, but probably by better pacing I managed sub 3:10. And the best stat was over the last 7.2km, I overtook 500 people and was only overtaken by 4.

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Two Days, One Night

Most moving film of the year for me, even though the plot is small. Maybe it’s because I also lost my job…


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We Are The Best!

we are the best

Favourite movie so far this year, great leads, funny, charming, set in Stockholm. Swearing makes it a 15 certificate, but it’s not particularly vicious, so let my 14 year old see it.

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Snowdon Horseshoe

Walked the Snowdon Horseshoe yesterday, hard work and I am stiff today, but pleased to have done it. Some awful, huge drops. Places where you think you might have taken a wrong turn, with a fear of ending up somewhere you can’t retreat, and can’t go on. The approach to Crib Goch was one such place (see the zig zagging around the true path), and the route through the pinnacles afterwards was also unclear. The other side of the horseshoe was easier to follow, but the cliffs were just as scary. Even though you don’t have to go very near them, they still churn your stomach.

The Garmin watch gives an excellent map of the route. And showed I was doing about one and a half miles per hour. The one km over Crib Goch took 54 minutes!

Photos here

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Gorilla vs Bear music mixes


These are what I listen to most on the iPod. I like the style (mostly electronic pop) though maybe the blog has influenced me. And all free!

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Museums at Night

Great program on BBC2. It had me from when I saw all the Bayko models. I had a small Bayko house (maybe passed down from stepfather) though I didn’t know it was Bayko until today. But the rods and bricks are unique.

It was excellent to see Frank Cottrell Boyce. Rebecca and Nathan know his books, and I’ve relied on his Guardian book reviews to find other good books for them. He’s a great presenter too, recalling his childhood in museums (I remember enjoying the Bolton natural history museum) and calling out the brutalist concrete pathways as both shit and great.

The sculpture park looks fantastic, I look forward to walking around it (why would you use a landrover?).Simon Armitage was an understated presenter, but I liked him very much. The allottment photos, particularly the ones of the children, were great – I forgot how good a sharp portrait photograph can look. The guys in the Norfolk museum were just funny. And the behind the scenes Rembrandt paintings in the National Gallery were moving.

A liberal and possibly political program, the kind that the BBC does so well. The article in the Guardian decrying privatization of everything the other day, pointed out how world class our museums are, when our private companies are often second rate. This program showed our museums in an inspiring way. Maybe off to the Horniman tomorrow.!

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Battersea Park 10k


2nd place in the over 50s, one better than last year. Improved my time from 39:59 to 38:23, all those intervals paying off.

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Hilly Fields parkrun 12-April-2014

60,000 people run parkrun every Saturday morning in the UK, and worldwide (my niece in South Africa). It’s a way to force yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning. And it’s been one of the main inspirations for getting me running seriously again.

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Half a Yellow Sun

Half a Yellow Sun

Saw this in Peckham, with a Q&A with the director and author afterwards. The movie was better than the reviews I’ve read (liked the cinematography, acting, fashions and hairstyles, and the story was new), the director was sincere, and the author was funny and a great speaker. The audience, with lots of Nigerians asking questions, was excited and enthusiastic. Great value for a fiver!

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